We are your College of Community & Public Service academic advisors.  We come from varied backgrounds and life experiences.  We have taught classes, been to graduate school, worked in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, volunteered in our local communities, studied and lived abroad, and collaborated with colleagues all across campus.  We help you plan your courses, talk about your chosen paths, think about alternatives, refer you to resources, celebrate with you when good things happen, and support you during more difficult times.  We will be there for you from the time you declare your CCPS major or minor until you graduate with your CCPS undergraduate degree.  Contact the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center whenever you are not sure where to find the answers! 

Meet the CCPS-UAC Staff

Mission, Vision & Values

CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center Mission

The mission of the College of Community and Public Service (CCPS) Undergraduate Advising Center is to provide convenient, accessible, and accurate academic advising and support for all students with majors or minors declared in the College of Community and Public Service as well as to serve as an advising resource for faculty and staff within the college.

CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center Vision

We strive to provide undergraduate students within the College of Community and Public Service the highest quality academic advising and student support. By creating advising partnerships with students, we will empower student responsibility and accountability for learning, including: the ability to think and make decisions independently, value the skills gained through the liberal arts tradition and within their academic programs, as well as the importance of life-long learning.

CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center Values

In the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center, we value:

  • A broad, rigorous educational experience that integrates the liberal arts tradition with preparation for a career or profession
  • Working with diverse populations
  • Serving as a resource for academic advising, university policy dissemination, and learning about institutional and community support services
  • The role of the faculty mentor in assisting students with the development of academic, vocational, and career goals
  • Collaboration and collegiality within our college and the entire university
  • Ongoing professional development and involvement with the campus and greater community 

CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center Goals

  • Assist undergraduate students with declared majors or minors in the College of Community and Public Service with the development of appropriate educational plans to meet their academic, career, and life goals

  • Encourage students to seek out diverse educational experiences, both within and outside of the classroom, to enhance the student’s learning and academic development

  •  Inform students about the available programs, services, and university resources to support academic success. As necessary, make appropriate referrals to other advising staff, faculty, programs, or support services throughout the university.

  •  Monitor the academic progress of undergraduate students with declared majors or minors in the College of Community and Public Service and provide intentional advising assistance and support.

  • Provide ongoing, consistent, communication, training, and development for faculty and staff within the College of Community and Public Service