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Quick Questions via Skype

ask quick questions via skype @CCPS_Advisor
At select times throughout the semester (see below for dates) an Academic Advisor will be available via Skype to answer your advising questions related to your CCPS major or minor or review basic university information with you. You may chat, call, or use a video webcam using the Skype service. This is intended for questions that would take less than 10 minutes in person and would not typically warrant an advising appointment.
Connect with us @ CCPS_ADVISOR
This service is not intended to replace regular advising appointments. Registration questions will be answered, but full academic plans will not be created during these sessions. If you would like to schedule an academic advising or registration planning appointment please call 616-331-6890.
The Skype service is available by contacting CCPS_ADVISOR using Skype.
we will be available anytime you see the "I'm Online" link active on the left side of this page.
If you already have Skype installed and an account created, look for the I'm Online status bar on the left side of the website and click it to connect with us. Then add us as a contact for easy connection the next time.
   I'm online skype status logo
If you don't have a Skype Account:
  1. Go to and create a free account. From your PC you will need to download the free Skype program and log in using the account information you created.
  2. You may also use the Skype app on your tablet or smartphone by downloading it for free from the app store for your device.

download via iTunes or download for android

Things to be aware of
  1. Please be prepared to provide the requested identification information and answer additional questions if necessary to confirm your identity. We may ask several questions to confirm your identity for your protection. If your academic record is marked "Confidential" with GVSU Records we will be unable to assist you via Skype as you have requested privacy and we must confirm your identity before releasing information about your record.
  2. If your question is more involved than this service can answer in a few minutes, than you will be directed to schedule an academic advising appointment by calling 616-331-6890.
  3. The internet is not secure and you should be aware of what info you share through these means. A certain degree of privacy risk is possible any time information is shared over the internet. You accept this risk when you connect with us via Skype.
  4. We may have multiple students online at one time. We may need to place your call on hold or let you know that you should try your call later if volume exceeds advisor availability.
  5. If you need further assistance or support please see here for more guides and tutorials

Page last modified March 12, 2014