Student Forms

The forms below are specific to the College of Community & Public Service. The processes outlined may be handled differently in each college. These forms are designed to assist students in the College of Community & Public Service with common processes and procedures. If you have questions about any of these processes, please contact us at 616-331-6890 or email us at 

  • CCPS - Advisor Hold Process 

    If your cumulative GPA is below a 2.000, a hold will be placed on your record preventing you from registering for the upcoming academic year during the March advanced registration period. In order for this hold to be removed you must follow the process outlined to receive the signature of your academic advisor.

  • CCPS - Dismissal Appeal Process 
    The College of Community & Public Service academic programs require you to meet with a faculty member from your major department AND an academic advisor from the CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center to discuss your appeal before we can determine if a letter of support will be provided for your packet. Review the process outlined for more information. 
  • CCPS - Override Request Process 

    Please use the online process described on the page linked above to submit your request for entrance to a course offered by a unit in the College of Community & Public Service. Only the department offering the course can approve an override request. 

  • CCPS - Student Appeal Process 
    Use this form when seeking special permission to use courses not already approved to fulfill CCPS program or degree requirements.

Additional GVSU Student Forms can be found on the Registrar's website.

Page last modified July 27, 2017