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SSW Candidacy Review - Emails Sent to SW Majors

Date: February 28, 2014

Good morning!

 The CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center recently completed our annual School of Social Work Pre-Candidacy Review process. We undertake this process in order to assist students with appropriate registration planning during the advanced registration process. This information can then also be used by the department for planning purposes for the next year.

 We review all SSW majors (declared) who have 45 or more credits to help them know if they should be registering for SW courses in the fall and making application for candidacy or if they have requirements remaining they need to complete first. We reviewed 157 student records this year, compared to 138 last year.

 We sent messages today to the students regarding their status which provides specific information regarding any missing requirements they may have. We have provided links to the “generic” text we have put on the website for each status. We put students into one of three categories based on where they are with their progress as follows:

Likely - It appears that all of the candidacy requirements will be satisfied after Winter 2014 semester.

 Maybe - It appears there are a few missing requirements for admission to the School of Social Work in the upcoming fall semester. It’s possible to complete these requirements before Fall 2014 with appropriate academic planning.

Not Yet - it appears that there are more missing requirements than can be completed prior to Fall 2014.

Students are instructed that if they have a plan for completing the requirements prior to fall semester to request permission of the department to enroll for the SW courses in fall/winter. This is the information we have provided students about requesting permission:

Please note that this process is now complete. Any additional students who declare their major after this point will not be reviewed. We will work with incoming transfer students on a one-on-one basis to determine their eligibility and provide permission to register accordingly during their orientation session.

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