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Legal Assistance Center Internship - Deadline July 19th

Date: July 14, 2013

Great Internship/Volunteer Opportunity at Legal Assistance Center
Deadline July 19th
The Legal Assistance Center is a nonprofit legal self- help center located in the Kent County Courthouse.  We help people who cannot afford a lawyer and cannot get free legal representation and so are trying to use the courts or solve simple legal problems on their own.  We help primarily with family law matters such as divorce, custody, paternity, adoption, child support and parenting time but also with landlord/tenant matters, civil collections, simple probate and small claims.  We offer legal information, resources including forms and connections to community resources.
 Students who would like to volunteer are asked to serve two academic terms for one half day shift per week.  This is so that at any given time, half of our volunteers are new and half are more experienced.  We require volunteers to attend a one day training at the beginning of each term and additional staff supervised “on the job” training of approximately 20 hours.  Student volunteers work directly with the public who come to the Center on a walk in basis or call.  They conduct a “triage” to understand the patron’s circumstances then offer information including options and resources including handouts and forms. 
 Students who volunteer at the LAC will experience a first-hand, inside look at the workings of the courts.  They will learn basic civil procedure and the basic rules and law that apply to the substantive areas in which we provide help.  It is a wonderful opportunity for someone who aspires to a legal career of any kind or someone with a heart for helping those in need.  People skills and communication skills are as important as legal knowledge and anyone aspiring to work with the public will get that experience here.
 We ask prospective volunteers to complete and send an application and interview.  The deadline for fall 2013 volunteer applicants is July 19, 2013.  Fall volunteer training will be Wednesday, September 4, 2013 here at the Courthouse.  Most of our volunteers are law students or paralegal students, but some of our best volunteers have been students from other disciplines.
 Additional information and an application form can be found on our website under the Volunteer tab.   

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