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Opportunity to Mentor At-Risk Youth in GR (PALS)

Date: September 11, 2013

Hello students,

I’d like to introduce you to an exciting opportunity and Grand Valley called Pals Student Mentors. Pals Student Mentors matches college students with at-risk youth in Grand Rapids in order to create positive mentoring relationships. As a mentor, you have the opportunity to change the life of a child who needs another adult role model in their lives.

As students going into a helping field, it’s important to gain experience helping others during your college years. In Pals Student Mentors, you will receive training on how to mentor, network with leaders in the helping community, and create positive change in the life of the child you mentor. This opportunity also looks incredible on a resume and in the form of volunteer hours.

So what are the requirements of becoming a mentor through Pals Student Mentors? First, you will need to mentor your child for a minimum of one hour a week. Next, you’ll need to attend only one hour-long meeting per month. Also, free monthly events will be provided for you so we greatly encourage participation in these events. Finally, we encourage participation in the fundraisers we provide as Pals Student Mentors is a free organization for its members.

If you’d like more information on us, we encourage you to attend one of our informational meetings on September 11 and September 17. They will be held at 9pm in the Pere Marquette Room (KC 2204). If you are ready to apply, please go to There, find the “Get Involved” tab and click “Become a Mentor”.

Please direct any questions to Mentoring is an incredible way to give back to your community and ultimately change the life of a child who needs another role model like you. Make the most of your college experience and become a mentor with Pals Student Mentors!



Jessica Mac Vane, Pals Student Mentors.

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