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CJ/LS 408 and CJ444 being offered 2013-2014

Date: March 11, 2013

Some CJ electives that are not offered every year are on the schedule for 2013-2014 so be aware if you were interested in any of these courses as they may not be offered again until 2015-2016.

CJ 408/LS408 - White-Collar and Corporate Crime - Fall 2013 & Winter 2014
An overview of the types, causes and implications of white-collar and corporate crime, and examines the political, physical and financial harm caused by wayward corporations, corporate officials and employees. Emphasis is placed on ethical and legal decision-making and regulatory monitoring and control of white collar and corporate activity. Prerequisite: Junior status. 
3.000 Credit hours 

CJ 444 - Forensic Behavior and Law - Fall 2013

Forensic Behavior and Law examines the relationship among social/behavioral science research, law, and the legal system. Lectures and readings emphasis Supreme Court opinions where the Court has analyzed the use of social/behavioral science research. Research in criminal profiling, eyewitness identification, criminal/civil competency, and jury selection is addressed. Prerequisite: junior standing. 

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