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School of Criminal Justice Alum honored as 2012 Deputy of the Year

Date: March 11, 2013

From the Kent County Sheriff's Department Website:

It is with great pleasure that the Kent County Sheriff Department name Detective Justin DeBoode the 2012 Deputy of the Year - Law Enforcement on this 22nd day of February 2013.

Justin began his career on February 14, 2000 as a County Police Cadet, working part time while attending college full time. From May to July 2000, Justin attended a Grand Valley State University sponsored summer trip to Tubingen, Germany. He graduated from college in Fall 2002 and, on January 13, 2003 was hired as County Patrol Officer, providing services to the residents of Kent County by enforcing laws and traffic regulations, investigating crime, and utilizing crime prevention techniques.

Justin is currently assigned to the Detective Bureau serving on the Major Case Team and Tactical Team. Justin's attributes demonstrate the model deputy. The professionalism and thoroughness of his work is something to be admired and his personal life is beyond reproach.

Justin has had many successful investigations and convictions in the five years as detective. He has a strong work ethic and personal morals. He is assertive and displayed heroic actions during his career. Justin is known to go above and beyond the call of duty to comfort victims of crime. He is a tremendous asset to those who work with him and gives 100 percent to each case.

Throughout his career, Justin has received five Letters of Recognition and three Letters of Commendation for services characterized by outstanding ability and exemplary performance. In 2007, Justin was awarded a Distinguished Police Service Award for his part during a standoff with a dangerous, armed murder suspect whereas his life, along with his fellow deputies' lives, were endangered and they had to use deadly force.

Detective DeBoode's constant commitment to his profession is overwhelming evidence of his dedication, teamwork philosophy, and enthusiasm for his patrols, investigations, and willingness to help others.

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