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Quick Questions Via Skype available during spring break

Date: March 4, 2013

An Academic Advisor will be available via Skype to answer your advising questions related to your CCPS major or minor or review basic university information with you. You may chat, call, or use a video webcam using the Skype service. This is intended for questions that would take less than 10 minutes in person and would not warrant an advising appointment.
Connect with us @ CCPS_ADVISOR
This service is not intended to replace regular advising appointments. Registration questions will be answered, but full academic plans will not be created during these sessions. If you would like to schedule an academic advising or registration planning appointment please call 616-331-6890.
The Skype service is available on the following dates by contacting CCPS_ADVISOR using Skype.
During Spring Break:
March 5th 10am-12pm
March 6th 1pm-4pm
March 8th 10am-1pm

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