College of Community & Public Service Advising Center

SSW Pre-Candidacy Review Emails Sent

Date: March 6, 2012


As you may be aware, The School of Social Work is a secondary admission program. This means that although you have been admitted to the University, you must meet certain criteria before you are granted admission into the School of Social Work. This admission status is called “candidacy”, and must be completed before enrolling in upper level Social Work courses. The candidacy process occurs in the spring typically prior to the junior year. You should carefully review the candidacy checklist to ensure you are on track for admission to the School of Social Work. You can find a listing of the candidacy requirements here:

The CCPS Undergraduate Advising Center reviews the records of all Social Work majors who have 45 or more credits every spring to assist students with understanding the admission requirements for the program and what to register for during the upcoming advanced registration process. We have reviewed your academic progress toward candidacy and would like to provide you with the results of this pre-candidacy review. The results will indicate whether it appears you will meet the candidacy course requirements for the upcoming Fall 2012 semester or if you may be missing requirements that will need to be fulfilled before admission can occur. This review includes all of your currently enrolled course work through Winter 2012. Please review your myPath report available in myBanner to see your course work. This is a general review of your work to assist you with the advanced registration process. It is not a formal indication of your eligibility for admission to the program. This will occur during the formal candidacy application process. If you need assistance with how to generate a myPath report you can find instructions here:

You were provided with one of three status messages based on your progress toward meeting program requirements. Please check your GVSU student email for specific information related to your record or click below for general information about each status. 

Likely - It appears that all of the candidacy requirements will be satisfied after Winter 2012 semester.

Maybe - It appears you are missing a few requirements for admission to the School of Social Work in the upcoming fall semester. It’s possible that you could complete these requirements before Fall 2012 with appropriate academic planning.

Not Likely - it appears that you are missing more requirements than can be completed prior to Fall 2012. 

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