Major & Minor Checklists

These major and minor checklists are designed to assist students with understanding program requirements. Program requirements are based on the catalog year the student first attended GVSU (unless the student has officially changed to a later catalog year). These checklists are not intended to take the place of regular meetings with an advisor. Students should use the myPath degree audit tool available in myBanner to monitor specific requirements and progress toward degree. Additional First Year Guides and 4-Year Curriculum Plans are also available.

criminal justice

Checklist Also Includes:

  • Criminal Justice Minor
  • Juvenile Justice Minor
  • Information Security Systems Minor

Fall 2006 - Spring/Summer 2009

Fall 2009 or later

hospitality & tourism management

Checklist Also Includes: 

  • Adventure Tourism Minor
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management Minor

Fall 2009 - Spring/Summer 2011

Fall 2011 - Spring/Summer 2013

Fall 2013 or later

public and nonprofit administration

Checklist Also Includes:

  • Nonprofit Administration Minor
  • Public Administration Minor

Fall 2011 or later


Last Revision of Checklists: May 2014