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Late Add Process

Late registration occurs during the first five days of each semester if a student did not register prior to the first day of classes. Any registration or tuition payment received during the period must be accompanied by a $50 nonrefundable late registration fee. Courses beginning after the fifth class day, workshops, or similar offerings without a prescribed registration process will be free of late fee assessment on the first class day.

Schedule revision,
or drop/add, is held concurrently with all registrations. A student may drop or add any course for which prerequisites have been met and capacity permits through the fifth day of the semester. Additional tuition charges are due when a student adds a credit.

Late Add Under exceptional circumstances a student may be allowed to add a course after the deadline. The completed transaction, accompanied by support from the instructor, department chair, and collegial dean, must include a $25 late add fee and any additional tuition.

Page last modified March 15, 2009