Who Do We Advise?

The CCPS-UAC provides academic advising assistance and information for the following undergraduate majors and minors:

  • Adventure Tourism
  • Criminal Justice 
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management 
  • Juvenile Justice 
  • Legal Studies 
  • Public and Nonprofit Administration 
  • Social Work 

Advising Guides & Worksheets

How Can We Help You?

Here are just some of the ways the CCPS-UAC can help you achieve your degree goals:

  • Degree Planning Assistance
  • Goal Clarification & Setting 
  • Outreach & Support 
  • Understanding Policies & Procedures  
  • Referrals to University Resources

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Deadline for Miller Johnson Paid Pre-law Intern Friday!

Deadline for Miller Johnson Paid Pre-law Intern Friday!

April 06, 2015

Miller Johnson partners with Grand Valley State University to provide an academic semester-long internship opportunity (two opportunities per year  fall and winter). The internship is intended to provide a pre-law student with exposure to a law firm

Special Topics Courses

Special Topics Courses

March 18, 2015

CCPS departments will often offer 380 - Special Topics courses to provide students with access to new/relevant information or try out a course before it's fully implemented into the curriculum. These are often great elective options to consider.

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