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Course Withdrawal

Withdrawing from a Course

A student may withdraw from a course and receive a grade of W when the completed “Registration and Drop-Add Form” is presented to the Registrar or the course is dropped using the Add/Drop function in myBanner by the posted drop deadline for each semester. Students who do not withdraw before the deadline must accept a grade other than W depending on the instructor’s judgment of their performance in the course(s) and any mitigating circumstances. Students who request an exception of the withdrawal deadline due to extenuating circumstances must present their explanation of appeal attached to a “Registration and Drop-Add Form” signed by their professor and department chair along with at least one statement of support from the professor or department chair to the Director of Student Academic Success Center. Students should continue attending class until notification of a final decision about their appeal is received.

Withdrawal from Grand Valley State University

Students withdrawing from Grand Valley during an academic term must complete a complete withdrawal form with the Registrar's office or drop all enrolled courses using the Add/Drop function in myBanner by the Friday before Final Exam Week at 5pm. This may impact on-campus housing and financial aid so those offices should be consulted prior to making a final decision. Any refunds will be based on the date the completed form is filed with the registrar. Any appeals for tuition refund after the tuition refund deadlines can be directed to the Tuition Refund Appeals Committee, 1 Campus Drive, 150 STU, Allendale, MI 49401. Include a written request describing your appeal/request and any supporting documentation.


Page last modified March 12, 2014