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The CCPS-STAR program is open to first year students in the College of Community & Public Service. The program is based around the 4-Year Blueprint for Student Success and is designed to Challenge, Support, and Engage students in activities throughout the first year that increase the likelihood of a successful transition to college which leads to overall retention and achievement of long term degree goals.This program is voluntary and students may choose to participate at the level they are comfortable with or opt out at any time.Program participants are eligible to win an iPad mini and other prizes at the end of the first year. See program guidelines on the sign up page for additional details 

Sign Me Up!

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Sign Up is Currently Closed - Check back Fall 2016 as we unveil a new revamped program! 

Blueprint for Success



Check out activities to engage with in your first year...and beyond!

Current Challenge/Activity

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The program is closed for 2015-2016! Check back Fall 2016

How College is Different

5 things  you need to know

Students who understand the key differences and learn how to bridge the gap between high school and college have a greater chance for success. Here are 5 things that are different between college and high school

Success Workshops

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The Student Academic Success Center provides numerous workshops to help students with study skills, time management, and test preparation. 

Additional Resources

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You aren't on this journey alone! GVSU provides numerous offices, centers, and staff who are here to help you along the way. 


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We want you to get out of your comfort zone and experience things across campus that will stretch your knowledge, skills and abilities.


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We will provide assistance as you navigate the first year at GVSU and begin to make personal and academic choices


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We want you to get involved outside of the classroom and put your learning into practice