CCPS Majors

The College of Community and Public Service Undergraduate Advising Center provides academic advising assistance and information for the CCPS undergraduate programs shown below. First Year GuidesMajor & Minor Checklists and 4-Year Curriculum Plans are also available for each program.

criminal justice

  • Criminal Justice Major (BA or BS)
  • Criminal Justice Minor
  • Juvenile Justice Minor
  • Information Security Systems Minor

legal studies

  • Legal Studies Major (BA or BS)
  • Legal Studies Minor

hospitality & tourism management

  • Hospitality & Tourism Management Major (BS) - w/ Career Emphasis
    • Food & Beverage Management 
    • Lodging Management
    • Tourism Management
    • Meeting & Event Management
    • Recreation and Leisure
  • Adventure Tourism Minor
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management Minor

public and nonprofit administration

  • Public and Nonprofit Administration Major (BA or BS) - w/ Career Emphasis
    • Community Development & Planning
    • Community Health
    • Information Technology
    • Local Economic Development
    • Public/Nonprofit Budgeting & Finance
    • Public Personnel Management
  • Nonprofit Administration Minor
  • Public Administration Minor

social work

  • Social Work Major (BSW)

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