College of Community and Public Service

Tina Yalda is new CCPS Deans Office Planning & Assessment Coordinator

Date: October 22, 2013

Professor Yalda will work on initiatives in support of the college while continuing her work as Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice. Prof. Yalda will support the college’s planning and assessment efforts. She has organized proposed activities into three broad areas:
Coordination – She will be working with unit heads/program coordinators to share information and practices; to serve as support, sounding board, and clearinghouse within college and across programs.
Capacity building – She will be working with dean’s office and program coordinators to facilitate exploration of vision and priorities to both reflect and guide program efforts – where are we, where do we want to be, what do we need to do to get there. This has often been a mechanical process dictated by GVSU or accreditation bodies but Professor Yalda would like to start developing a culture of creative capacity building – models that we can use/share to enhance our unique place and programs within GVSU, the community, the region, nationally, etc. To this end, she will be connecting with university assessment folks as well as other colleges and universities to explore models, best practices, etc. Goal is really to explore P & A in practice – how we decide what to do, how we do it, how we release information.
Sustainability – We need to develop support infrastructure in the Dean’s office and across units that will allow programs to sustain processes that work. At the outset, this will include a webpage and a master calendar to help unit heads and coordinators track reporting cycles.”
Please join the GVSU community in welcoming her to this new position.

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