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Date: November 5, 2013

November 5, 2-3pm Forum Room, Seidman College of Business
Join the Hauenstein Center’s inaugural Coffee House Debate, an exciting new program of our Common Ground Initiative. 
So What Good Is Government Anyway? The recent government shutdown reopened a debate as old as 1776: What is the proper size and scope of government? To debate the size and scope of the federal government today, the Hauenstein Center is hosting a forum featuring Mark Hoffman and Donijo Robbins, both professors in GVSU’s School of Public, Nonprofit & Health Administration. These two lively disputants will not only air their differences (Mark leans liberal; Donijo leans libertarian), but they will also explore the possibilities of principled compromise and actionable common ground between liberals and conservatives when it comes to the size and scope of government.
WHEN: Election Day Tuesday, November 5, 2013, 2-3 PM
WHERE: Seidman College of Business, Forum Room
All are welcome, including classes
RSVP by visiting  or calling (616) 331-2770

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