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What is the Sustainability Certificate Program ?

Date: November 14, 2013

What is the Sustainability Certificate Program?
The certificate courses and workshops focus on delivering practical application of sustainability, and students end up developing a sustainability plan for an organization they work for or any other organization.  It provides students with tools related to sustainable communities and organizations, how to measure and report sustainability, and triple bottom line impact of sustainability efforts. 
The Graduate Certificate in Sustainability provides a unique opportunity to pursue a theoretically based and practically approach for professionals who want to understand sustainability issues and how to steer their organizations toward sustainable practices. 
This program offers managers and leaders the up to-date professional skills and perspectives required to guide their organizations in a rapidly changing and increasingly important area.  The program provides an overview of ecological, energy, climatic and resiliency related issues impacting local communities and guidelines for transitioning organizations to sustainable methods and practices. Students develop a sustainable decision making framework to identify alternative courses of action,evaluate options for sustainable choices, and guide the implementation of management decisions to provide positive social, environmental and financial returns.

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