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MIACADA Outstanding Advisor - Graduate Student

Date: May 5, 2014

Advising Center Grad StudentThe Michigan Academic Advising Association has selected Leah Kicinski, 2nd year Graduate Assistant as the MIACADA Outstanding Advisor - Graduate Student award winner and will present her with this honor at the annual conference to be held May 30th at Central Michigan University.

In support of her nomination, one student wrote "I met with Leah countless times over these last couple years and every time she went out of her way to find more information that helped me, even more than what I was hoping for walking into her office that day. Leah has been friendly, caring, and has been a big reason of why my experience of planning my courses and my future here at Grand Valley has been stress free."

Another student said "I have worked with Leah a few times in the last year. She has been so helpful in making sure I'm adjusting well to college...and she was so helpful! She never made me feel like I was asking too many questions or anything."

Leah earned her M.Ed. degree in College Student Affairs Leadership in April 2014. She has done a fantastic job in our office for the past two years and will be greatly missed as she leaves us at the end of May to continue her journey into the advising profession. Congratulations Leah!

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