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College of Community and Public Service

Indian Trails
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Students from the School of Social Work systematically determine the quality and merit of various programs and initiatives at Indian Trails Camp.

Faculty Governance

CCPS Faculty Governance is a deliberative and broadly representative forum that exists to consider the activities of the University’s College of Community and Public Service (CCPS) in all of its facets, with particular attention to educational objectives and those matters that affect the common interests of faculty, staff, and students.  Any standing committee may recommend general policies and otherwise advise the Dean of CCPS.  All standing committees are authorized to initiate policy proposals as well as to express their judgment on those submitted to it by the administrative officers of the University and its various academic divisions.  CCPS Faculty Governance is also empowered to request information through appropriate channels from the University administration.

Governance Bylaws

  • The College of Community and Public Service current operating Bylaws.

Governance Committees

The College of Community and Public Service has a very participative and committed faculty and staff serving on various committees throughout the campus. Committee participation is a very importance part of college governance here at the College of Community and Public Service. Faculty representatives from all four of our academic units work diligently to ensure accuracy, equity, and accountability throughout our college. Committee elections are held in March/April of each academic year. Each position has a designated term length. For more information click the links below.

Page last modified March 20, 2017