Parallel Planning

A parallel plan is an alternative academic and career pathway students may choose to pursue. Sometimes thought of as “Plan B", it is intended to help students make adjustments when their educational or career plans expectedly or unexpectedly change.

Parallel planning is strongly encouraged for students seeking secondary or competitive admit programs. At GVSU, this can include programs in the Colleges of Nursing, Engineering, Health Professions, Business and Education. It can also be beneficial for students pursuing graduate school. However, any student should consider a parallel plan as it is always beneficial to understand your professional options.

It is never too early to explore your career options. Changes to your career plan can be tweaked along the way. You should work with your career advisor and academic advisor to identify a career pathway. To set up a parallel planning appointment with a career advisor, call the Career Center at 616-331-3311. You can also contact your academic advisor. Not sure who your advisor is? You can check myBanner or your career advisor can refer you.  

Getting Started

Students can get started on their parallel plan by exploring their career opportunities through these steps:

  • Meet with your career advisor
  • Meet with your academic advisor
  • Complete the Focus 2 career assessments 
  • Review majors and program options at GVSU
  • Review programs outside of GVSU
  • Use career research resources
  • Attend a parallel planning workshop 
  • Complete reflection sheet