Focus 2: Next Steps

Your next step to finding a career path greatly depends on the type of career question(s) you are trying to answer. Below you will find a list of common career related concerns and practical suggestions.

How Do I Begin Exploring Careers?

Focus 2 identified several careers that you may want to consider. Now you need more information about those careers!

  • Using the “Exploring The Possibilities” section on Focus 2, search careers by industry or major, as well as, compare occupations side by side.
  • Look to see how well a specific career matches with your interest profile. 
  • The Career Center website also has several career exploration resources that will give you a better understanding of different occupations.
  • Finalize a list of career(s) (1 or 2) that you are ready to test-out and review the “Should I choose this career?” section below.

What Major Should I Choose?

Having a career path in mind is the most practical way of choosing a major. But if you want to explore majors, here are some ways Focus 2 can help:

  • Remember the majors that kept popping up on your Focus 2 results? Every major listed on Focus 2 is available at GVSU. Begin exploring those majors.
  • Focus 2 also provides a list of recommended majors based on your assessment results (“What can you do with a major in Grand Valley State University?”). Any major that has an image of a light bulb next to it means it might be a good match!

Next Steps:

  1. Pick 2 or more majors from Focus 2 that you are interested in exploring
  2. Call the Career Center (616-331-3311) to set up an appointment to review your results
  3. You can also schedule an appointment with an academic advisor at the Student Academic Success Center (616) 331-3588). Click here to find out how they can help.

Should I Choose This Career?

From all your online investigating, you now have a fairly good understanding about a career or two of interest. Your next step is to test it out! 

I Still Can't Decide On A Career Path

Finding a career path can be challenging, so don’t worry if you feel lost, frustrated, and/or indecisive. We are here to help!

  • Simply give us a call (616-331-3311) or stop by the Career Center to make an appointment.
  • Feel free to stop by during our drop-in ours (Monday through Thursday: 10-12pm & 1-3pm)

Page last modified November 16, 2017