What steps can I take to test them out?

“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.” ~Erica Baxter, Australian singer/model

This step of career development is a critical one.  Test things out!  Embrace your new understanding of who you are, what you like, what you are good at and throw yourself into experiences: take a photography class, join a club, volunteer at a non-profit organization, work in a bank, study abroad.

Be planned and purposeful at this stage of the game. Do your homework. Spend time on O*Net identifying career fields and job titles. Learn more through informational interviews and internships.

Spend time researching companies, and building networks.  Ask yourself questions about potential career fields: Can I see myself doing all aspects of this job?  What skills and abilities would I need to develop before I could pursue a career in this field?  There are many ways to test out a career field to see if it’s right for you:

  • Complete the “What can I do with this Major” section of Focus II.
  • Attend Career Center Events to develop professional skills, build networks and do homework about potential career fields matching your interests and abilities:
    •  “Careers In…..” series  and Career Fairs – these events are great opportunities to speak face to face with employers who are able to tell you more about what their field is really like.
  • Register with LakerJobs and conduct research on current internship and employment opportunities.
  • Utilize LinkedIn along with the Career Contact Bank to build networks and connections for informational interviewing, job shadowing, and internship opportunities.
  • Examine Study Abroad options and determine the best time to participate.
  • Consider if graduate or professional school is in your future.  Participating in undergraduate research is a great way test out a specific area of interest as well as gain excellent experience that is great preparation for graduate school.


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