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Exploring Careers and Majors

What are my interests, passions, and values? What are my skills and abilities? How do these relate to my major and my future career? How do I pick a major or choose between multiple majors? What career paths are connected to the major I chose?

A great way to answer these questions is to take US 102, a one-credit career exploration course offered each semester. Additionally, there are many Career Center resources to help you develop short- and long-term goals related to your career plan. 

Explore Careers

  • Focus 2 - Which careers match your career assessment results?
  • O*Net - An online resource providing employment data, such as salaries and job forecasts.
  • Career One Stop - Describes skills and job duties for multiple occupations and employment outlooks in regional and national context.
  • Informational Interviews - Connect with professionals working in an area of interest to learn first-hand information and to begin building a career network. The Career Contact Bank can help you identify potential contacts.
  • Job Shadows - Spending time at a work site observing professionals in action helps guide the career planning process.
  • Attend Careers In, Careers At and Career Fairs - Career Center Events offered each semester where you can meet employers and professionals in a variety of fields.

Explore Majors

  • Focus 2 - Which majors match your career assessment results?
  • Attend the Majors Fair - Held each fall to hear directly from faculty about GVSU programs you might consider pursuing.
  • List of GVSU Majors - Research course offerings, program descriptions and requirements.
  • Student Academic Success Center - Make an appointment with an academic advisor to explore GVSU majors, discuss your academic plan, and build your schedule.
  • Parallel Planning - Does your major have a secondary admit process? Schedule a 'parallel planning' appointment by calling (616) 331-3311.
  • What Can I Do With My Major - Highlights career paths related to area of study, identifies potential fields of employments, and ways to develop skills outside the classroom.

Parallel Planning

Graduate and Professional School

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