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Resources to support the diverse faith and spiritual lives of our faculty, staff, and students and to promote intergroup dialogue around faith are essential components of a healthy campus climate. The Division of Inclusion and Equity recently created the office, Campus Interfaith Resources, to ensure that GVSU's efforts to support religious diversity and further inclusion are coordinated, sustainable, and done in conjunction with the Division's other social justice efforts. The following shared values will guide our interfaith work as a more formal mission and vision are developed.  

  • Utilizing intersectionality and social justice as frameworks for understanding identity and interrelated systems of oppression
  • Creating inclusive spaces that promote a sense of belonging for the diverse religious and philosophical traditions represented on campus and in the world
  • Appreciating holistic student development that embraces rather than washes away the spiritual and secular commitments of our community
  • Valuing all voices, particularly those that are members of underrepresented religious traditions    

Katie Gordon

Katie Gordon

Coordinator, Campus Interfaith Resources
Program Manager, Kaufman Interfaith Institute

(616) 331-5702


Division of Inclusion and Equity