Fair Trade is a humane approach to goods produced in third-world and developing countries.


Fair Trade Certified goods ensure that farmers and producers are paid fair and adequate wages. Benefits of buying Fair Trade products includes:

  • Raises the standard of living for producers in third-world countries
  • Pays farmers fair market wages
  • Builds communities through Fair Trade co-ops
  • Ensures ethical and humane treatment of farmers
  • Encourages sustainable agricultural development
  • Disallows slavery and child labor practices

Fair Trade certified coffee and tea is located at all Java City locations on campus. Look for the Fair Trade logo when choosing your coffee.


Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, available at all Java City locations on campus, supports cooperatives engaging in sustainable coffee growing practices which protect tropical rainforests from deforestation and promote biodiversity in the local ecosystems.

Shade grown coffee is the practice of growing coffee trees under the canopy to take away the need to strip the land of its natural flora and fauna.

Page last modified May 22, 2015