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Candace Dugan, director
Family Owned Business Institute
Grand Valley State University
272C DeVos Center
401 Fulton Street West
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Phone: (616) 331-7480

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About the Family Owned Business Institute

The Family Owned Business Institute at Grand Valley serves as an easy-to-access online resource for owners of family businesses. The Institute provides business owners with insight and information regarding succession planning, “best practices” for family-owned business, and regulatory and ethical issues. In addition, the site provides a link to other business resources that support family-owned businesses.

Information resource. The Institute is a convenient online repository for information and research relevant to family-owned businesses.

Networking and community outreach. Through its involvement with The Family Business Alliance, the Institute contributes to the cross-sector cooperation that provides research, expertise, practice, and service delivery to family-owned businesses throughout West Michigan.

Research and scholarship funding. Family-owned businesses benefit from the research and curriculum development funded and supported by the Institute.

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