Use Your Resources

Career Exploration:

Did you find out that business was not right for you?  Perhaps you would like to do more exploration on which business major best suits you.  The best campus recourse is the Counseling and Career Development Office.  Make an appointment to sit down with them to do some more, in-depth assessments of your interests, skills, and values.

Click Counseling and Career Development to go to their site and check out the Career Library information. 

Maybe you did find your ideal occupation, but it is outside of the college of business.  Go to the GVSU Academic Advising page to find out how to contact the appropriate academic advisor for your major.

Click Academic Advising to go to that site.

On-line Study Help:

These links lead you to study tips from several colleges and universities, coving a broad range of topics.  You will find just the right tips to motivate you and improve your study and test taking skills.

Click Study Skills Links to check out those sites.

In-Person Study Help:

  • Tutoring - Tutoring is available in 201 STU for all 100 and 200 level GVSU courses.  You can call 616-331-3588 to find out times for the math lab, writing center, or individual course tutoring.
  • Math and Science Student Support - This center offers guided study groups for all math and science courses. They are located in 399 PAD and can be reached at 616-331-3695.

Contact us:
Seidman Undergraduate Student Services
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Page last modified March 13, 2014