L. William Seidman Center


Located on the banks of the Grand River and with scenic views of Grand Rapid's downtown economic hub, the new L. William Seidman Center expresses in brick and mortar the vision and mission for the program. Here is a true center for learning, a center for meeting, a center for expositions, seminars, and research -- a focal point for all the activities that make the region's companies run successfully and compete effectively in a global marketplace.

The Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley has educated successful business leaders and entrepreneurs in West Michigan for 40 years. The college has an outstanding faculty and talented undergraduate and graduate students drawn from across the state. Located in Grand Rapids, Seidman provides students with a wealth of hands-on management experience. With an excellent education that balances theory and hands-on experience, most Seidman graduates stay in the State of Michigan and become leaders in our community.


Inspired by community leader Bill Seidman, the college is continually exploring how it can best educate the men and women who will help revitalize the state's economy. With sufficient organizational capacity and resources, the college is poised to become one of the elite business schools by:

Promoting its leadership role in West Michigan

Enrolling more of the best students from across the state

Graduating the best educated business professionals

Hiring and retaining better faculty who are leaders in their fields

Serving as a convener and facilitator for the business community

Expanding the effectiveness of outreach centers such as the Family Owned Business Institute and the Entrepreneurship Center

Redesigning the administrative offices to better serve the needs of students and faculty

Tours of the L. William Seidman Center

Since our mission is to support the teaching and learning of the GVSU community, you have an opportunity to schedule a tour of the building. If you have any questions about the building or wish to set up a tour, please contact Dana Lewis at 616.331.7444 or lewisd@gvsu.edu.


Page last modified March 12, 2014