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Our diversified business services and expertise range from helping people start a new business to designing strategies to increase competitiveness.

Seidman Outreach Center Provides Market Research for Small Businesses Statewide

Acquiring and Applying Market Research to Grow Michigans Businesses

The underlying success for businesses of all sizes is information. The Michigan Small Business Development Center (Michigan SBDC) offers secondary market research assistance to strengthen and grow companies needing information to identify new markets, determine their competitive advantage, and improve their financial performance.

The Michigan SBDC hosted by the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University provides market research for all 83 counties in Michigan. In addition to providing market research, Michigan SBDC business consultants assist companies with analyzing the research and applying the information to a growth strategy.

The goal of Information Based Planning (Market Research) is to provide industry, competitive, demographic, financial, and website analysis information to use in planning and making business decisions, which drives economic growth. A team of market researchers access a variety of resources to provide crucial information to existing businesses including the following:

  • Industry Trends – Identify new markets
  • Customer Demographics – Improve marketing efforts
  • Competition – Determine competitive advantage

Financial Metrics – Improve financial performance


In addition to market research, the Michigan SBDC provides search engine optimization (SEO) analysis for existing companies. The market research team developed the SEO online market research report after recognizing there was a need in the small business community. The SEO report offers an in-depth analysis of a businesses’ website, providing demographics on the visitors, tips for improving the design, and keywords to drive traffic to the site and increase sales.

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