Additional Information

  • Connected. Seidman faculty members use their expertise directly with more than 400 local and national companies. This dynamic exchange keeps Seidman MBA studies current and connected to the West Michigan business community. Seidman students also tap into the resources of a full university -- faculty, facilities, programs, and libraries -- complemented by Internet instruction that brings interactive education to the desktop.
  • Flexible. Fast-track your degree or pursue it part-time. Full-time students can complete the degree in just 16 months; working professionals may take up to eight years. Choose a class schedule that fits your lifestyle. Select from courses offered evenings, with some Saturday options as well. You decide the time commitment that is appropriate for you each semester.

  • Quality. Student credentials attest to the quality of the Seidman MBA experience. The average GMAT score is 570 and average undergraduate GPA is 3.4. Professionals from industries as diverse as health, the arts, technology, and manufacturing create a dynamic classroom environment and exchange of ideas and perspectives.
  • Put us to the test. Our full-time, on-site Graduate Office is rated by students as one of the best service features of our program. The responsive team and the study options available in the Seidman MBA program will help you design a course of study and a schedule to achieve your goal.

Building on success in the business community.

The home for the Seidman MBA program is the L. William Seidman Center on the downtown Grand Rapids campus.

The expanded Grand Rapids downtown campus builds on the success of the Seidman MBA, expressing in bricks and mortar the vision and mission for the program. Here is a true center for learning, a center for meeting, a center for expositions, seminars, and research -- a focal point for all the activities that make the region's companies run successfully and compete effectively in a global marketplace.

Practicing what they teach.

Seidman faculty members are committed to excellence in teaching. The Seidman College of Business also presents a unique opportunity to its faculty by encouraging them to apply their skills to problem-solving for companies. Seidman professors have actively worked on strategic issues with more than 400 businesses, including Steelcase, Meijer, Alticor, Herman Miller, SPX, Lorin Industries, and Donnelly.

This real-time world experience brings strategic advantages to students in the Seidman MBA program:

  • Fresh problems to study.
  • A faculty on the cutting edge.
  • Proof that business theory and principles taught by Seidman MBA faculty are not only valid, but valued by business.