GVSU Seidman students experience Haworth's Bluescape: one of the first universities in the world to use this revolutionizing technology in an undergraduate class!




When student Marissa Swartz enrolled in Professor Star Swift’s MGT 334 Arbitration class, she learned that the class would be interacting with Haworth’s award-winning Bluescape technology.  Swartz recognized that we live in a world that is driven by technology, so to have an opportunity to use the latest applications was a plus.  As a manager of employees at Meijer working for Serv-U-Success, Marissa described the advantage of learning “on her time,” through cloud access.  “I could review the videos and other pages of notes and materials outside the classroom, and achieved a perfect score on my quiz!” She sees the technology as a useful tool both in her workplace and for her employees.

Hosted at Haworth’s Blue 35 facility in Grand Rapids, Bluescape’s visual collaborative technology allows students to view simultaneously various media, documents, and professor’s written notes, with all information accessible on students’ computers for later viewing.

Alex Bednarek was pleasantly surprised to learn that he would have the opportunity to engage with Bluescape. He appreciated both the 24-hour access to information as well as the Drop Box feature.

Student Adam Van Wieren recognized that Bluescape could be helpful for students or others with disabilities, especially those requiring more visual reinforcement to grasp a topic, or persons who are confined to their homes.  He also noted that having access to the professor’s written notes reduced the potential for mistakes on his part.

Assisting in the launch of this first class, GVSU alum Michael Pierce’s help was invaluable.  He was especially anxious for his alma mater to have the opportunity to interact with a product that he proudly displays and works with on a daily basis.  Pierce, in fact, works from Haworth’s downtown facility which offers space and Bluescape access to business clients who wish to maximize opportunities for collaboration through technology. 


“It’s been a pleasure working with Professor Swift and GVSU on this course.  Her willingness to adopt new and alternative learning methods is key to the success of the class.  As an alumnus, you take pride in working with your alma mater and engaging with students who are following the same road you once took.  It’s encouraging to see the work that came from this course and the team web engagements and makes you proud to be a part of the GVSU family.”

Professor Swift earlier experienced Bluescape when the GVSU student-run Team Web prepared a presentation for an East Coast Google Education Summit. Indeed it whet her appetite to utilize this technology in a class for an entire semester. “Alum Mike Pierce taught us how to use it,” shared Swift, admitting that the students caught on faster than she did. “Yet we all saw for the first time all of our projects and analytics in one place. This huge wall of glass with miles of virtual space is like you see on a crime TV show. It allows the students and the professor to look at all of the elements of an issue or case from many different perspectives.” She envisions that such a tool will be one of the options available for distance learning and business collaboration in the future. “I feel fortunate to have been able to teach with Bluescape.  I learn more every day I use Bluescape and Haworth's assistance has been outstanding.”

To view Team Web using Bluescape: Click Here