Undergraduate Finance Courses

FIN 221 Personal Finance. Designed for the non-finance major who wants to improve the management of personal finances. Aspects of finance that individuals are likely to face will be discussed. Specific topics include credit buying and borrowing, insurance, home ownership, stock and bond investments, mutual funds, income taxes, and estate planning. Offered fall and winter semesters. Three credits.

FIN 320 Managerial Finance. Financial policies and practices that lead to the maximization of the value of a firm. Major topics include risk and return, management of current assets, capital budgeting, sources of financing, optimum capital structure, and international finance. Prerequisites: ACC 212 and MTH 110. Offered every semester. Three credits.

FIN 321 Investments. Fundamental principles of investment, characteristics of investment and speculative assets, analysis of risk and return, operation and regulation of markets, analysis of investment requirements, types of investment trading, and timing strategies. Prerequisites: FIN 320 and STA 215. Not to be taken concurrently with FIN 320. Offered fall and winter semesters. Three credits.

FIN 322 Intermediate Managerial Finance. A second course in financial management required for all finance majors. Goes into more depth than FIN 320, and covers many additional topics. Coverage includes capital structure decisions, working capital policy, current liability management, optimal capital budgets, dividend policy, and lease financing. Prerequisite: 320, ECO 200, ACC 213, and STA 215. Offered fall and winter semesters. Three credits.

FIN 331 Risk and Insurance. Planning of personal and business insurance needs and business insurance as it relates to business risks and decision-making. Emphasis on business exposures, coverages, and problems of the risk manager. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission. Offered fall semester. Three credits.

FIN 350 Real Estate Principles. An introduction to the basic principles of real estate administration, covering the legal and economic characteristics of real estate, real estate markets, appraising methods, government and political trends, and regional and local economic influences. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor. Offered fall and winter semester. Three credits.

FIN 380 Seminar in Finance. Course content varies. Refer to schedule of classes to determine course description and prerequisites. Students may repeat this course under different topics. Offered on demand. Three credits.

FIN 420 Bank Management. Financial management of commercial banks and other financial intermediaries. Examination of the banking structure and current regulatory environment. Specific techniques of evaluating risks, liability management, and determining asset composition. Prerequisite: 320. Offered fall semester. Three credits.

FIN 422 Advanced Managerial Finance. Application of principles of finance to solving selected business case problems and analyzing current financial topics. Prerequisite: 322. Offered fall and winter semesters. Three credits.

FIN 427 Derivative Assets and Markets. Valuation of options, futures, forward contracts, and swaps; institutional and regulatory attributes of derivatives markets; trading and hedging strategies; risk management. Prerequisites: 321. Offered every winter. Three credits.

FIN 428 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management. A sophisticated analysis of investment securities from the viewpoint of establishing meaningful evaluation techniques. Develops practical strategies for developing efficient portfolios by the study of risk analysis, random walk, and other theoretical concepts. Prerequisite: 321. Offered winter semester. Three credits.

FIN 429 International Financial Management. Covers the application of the tools, techniques, and underlying theory essential for financial management in an international setting, including those required for financing and control. Topics covered also include international accounting, effects of fluctuating exchange rates, overseas investments, and the structure and function of international institutions and markets. Offered fall semester. Three credits.

FIN 490 Finance Internship. This course will be used to grant finance credit to students who complete internships in the finance field. One to six credits. Prerequisites: Junior standing; minimum 2.5 GPA. Offered on a credit/no credit basis.

FIN 499 Independent Research. Independent research in the student's area of interest, supervised by a member of the Seidman faculty and culminating in a written and oral report. Written permission of the instructor required. Offered each semester. One to three credits.

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