Undergraduate Admissions

Freshmen and sophomores interested in business will generally be admitted to GVSU as pre-business majors.  Pre-business students will enroll in general education and introductory 200-level business courses, which are designed to develop a base upon which the business education will be built.

After earning 55 semester hours with a minimum 2.75 grade point average, students will be admitted to the Seidman College of Business and can declare a major at this time.  During the junior and senior years, students will take a core of business administration courses in various disciplines to provide a strong general business background.  Additionally, students must complete courses applicable to the specific major selected.

Incoming freshmen who meet the national merit scholarship criteria of 26 or higher composite score on the ACT and a 3.5 or higher high school GPA, will be admitted directly to the Seidman College of Business. 

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Page last modified August 27, 2012