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Our diversified business services and expertise range from helping people start a new business to designing strategies to increase competitiveness.

Dual Degrees


The Seidman College of Business and Michigan State University College of Law offer the dual JD/MBA, JD/MSA and JD/MST. The partnership allows students to transfer 12 credits of Seidman graduate courses to the MSU College of Law JD program and 12 credits of JD credits to the appropriate graduate business program, thus reducing the total number of graduate credit hours required to complete both programs by 24 credits. Prerequisites for both programs must be met in addition to the graduate credits. Participating students must meet admission standards of each school and be admitted to both programs prior to registering for course work that will be transferred to either program.

The transfer work from MSU College of Law will complete the elective portion of the MBA, MSA or MST program. Thus, students pursuing this degree will complete, in addition to the business prerequisites, the four required core courses and four of five directed electives in the case of the MBA, and the 5 required and 2 constrained electives for the MST. Specific course work to be transferred to the MBA from MSU College of Law must be planned with the graduate program director, and for the MST or MSA, with the student's assigned faculty advisor. Students are referred to the Admissions Office of MSU College of Law for advising with respect to the JD and the specific MBA, MSA and MST transfer courses.