School of Accounting

The Accounting Awards Banquet is held in April and it is at this event that School of Accounting scholarships, awards and honors recipients are introduced.  The banquet draws students and their families, alums, firm representatives, and faculty and staff.  About 35 scholarships and awards of approximately $70,000 are announced.

For information about the banquet, contact 616-331-7414 or email

  April 2008 Banquet Photos:

 Professors Bill Smith and Dave Cannon

 Professor Lara Kessler presents
Accounting Alumni Scholarships

 Faculty Advisor Rita Grant presents
BAP Member and Pledge of the Year awards to
Neil Vestrand and Jason Tierney

 Professor Bruce Bettinghaus congratulating
MSA Outstanding Student Tom Hendrikson

 Professor Bruce Bettinghaus congratulating
Accounting Outstanding Student Matthew Gary

 Faculty Advisor Dave Centers with Executive Board
of the Student Chapter of IMA

Professor Dave Cannon congratulating OSU
fellowship recipient Brigette Norwood
Joe Maier presenting FEI Scholarship to Christina Maier Matthew Gary presenting BAP Professor of the Year Award
to Professor Emily Droght

 Professor Kurt Fanning presenting Richard H. Giles Scholarship to Kristie Carbajal, Christine Brynaert, and Brianne Eluskie

 Michelle Hanks presenting DeBoer Baumann Scholarship
to Robert Draeger




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