School of Accounting

The Accounting Awards Banquet is held in April and it is at this event that School of Accounting scholarships, awards and honors recipients are introduced.  The banquet draws students and their families, alums, firm representatives, and faculty and staff.  About 30 scholarships and awards of approximately $70,000 are announced.

For information about the banquet, contact 616-331-7414 or email

  April 2008 Banquet Photos:

 Steve Goldberg & Millie Giles

 Anastasia Nowak;  Dan Carter, HANC

 Katie Ferris & Larry Oberst, BDO Seidman


 Spencer Covey, Dennis Stovall, Dori Danko

 Veronica Rozella & Elaine Goralski, Ernst & Young

 Rhonda Huismann, Crowe Horwath & Julie Jensen

 Khumbo Siewla, Deloitte & Erin Healy

 Laurie Sayed & Tim Duflo, Deloitte

 Giles Scholarship recipients



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