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What is Banner?
Banner is the system GVSU uses for the management of both academic and administrative/financial information. 

Internet Native is primarily used by faculty & staff for data input and records management.  System ID and password are required for access.

Self Service Banner is used by faculty, staff & students to access information, register for classes, manage personal profile information, manage administrative/financial processes as well as other functions.  G# and password/pin are required for access.

What Does FOAP Stand for?
The Chart of Accounts is the numbering system used by Banner to capture financial transactions and facilitate retrieval of information and financial reporting.  FOAP is the acronym we use in Banner Finance for the components of this numbering system.

= Fund: A six digit code identifying the source from which the $$ is drawn
O = Organization: A five digit code identifying who spends the money (dept.)
A = Account: A four digit code identifying the type of expense/revenue
P = Program: A three digit code for classification of transactions for HEIDI reporting


Banner Finance Access
Faculty and Staff members requiring access to the Banner Finance System should contact Chris DeMull in the Business office at 331-2253.

Banner ePrints (in Self Service)
There are several reports available through Banner ePrints.  The most commonly used reports are the Budget Status Report, Organization Detail Activity and the Labor Distribution Report.  Access to this information is based on the Banner Approval Level for each individual user. Please contact Chris DeMull in the Controller's Office (331-2253) for more information.

Budget Status Inquiries
If you would like to obtain information regarding the status of a budget account you can do so using either Banner Internet Native or Banner Self Service.  Click below for instructions:

Check Budget Status Using Banner Internet Native

Check Budget Status Using Banner Self Service

Commonly Used Banner Expense/Revenue Account Codes
If you're not sure what account code should be used when processing an expense or revenue, use these handy guides to determine which one would be most appropriate.

Commonly Used Banner Expense Account Codes

Commonly Used Banner Revenue Account Codes





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