Directions - GVSU / W Monroe Ctr

To get from the GVSU Allendale Campus to the West End of Monroe Center:
1. Get on the GVSU Campus Connector (Route 50) at either Mackinac Hall or Kirkhof Center on Allendale Campus or at the Pew Campus (stops at Seward Ramp and between Eberhard and DeVos Centers). This will take you to the Rapid Central Station, but you will want to get off at Monroe & Pearl (you will need to pull the pull-stop cord to request the stop).

2. Get off at Monroe & Pearl

To get from the West End of Monroe Center to Allendale GVSU campus:
Get on the Alpine (Route 9) Northbound at Monroe & Pearl to GVSU Pew Campus Parking Ramp at Lake Michigan Dr. and Seward Ave NW
2. Take the
GVSU Campus Connector (Route 50) back to Allendale



Page last modified September 11, 2012