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11/2011 - Kudos to the GVSU bus transportation system.  A student left her keys in the bus this morning.  She called to ask if the driver could please bring her keys to CHS and drop them off at the front desk.  The person she spoke with didn’t indicate the request would be a problem.  She informed me to expect her keys.  About 15-20 minutes later a supervisor with the bus system brought the keys to the front desk.  He said the drivers weren’t allowed to do what she had requested.  He retrieved the keys and brought them .  I thanked him and told the young lady what he had done when she picked her keys up. ~ Sharon, Staff Member

9/2011 - I am a transfer student and the biggest and BEST difference between my former university and GVSU is the BUS SYSTEM!!!!! Every college should have a bus system as great as The Rapid. ~ Rachel, GVSU Student

6/2011 - Please tell [the driver] today on bus 50 thank you. A young woman on the bus had a seizure and he handled everything wonderfully. His concern was evident and he made sure all the riders were taken care of too. He made calls as needed and made sure the young lady was fine. I was so happy to have him there and to help. He deserves a great big Thank You and Job Well Done. ~Anonymous
4/2011 [re: Summer 2011 Bus Schedule] It's fantastic! Thank you for everything you do to make the #50 such a great alternative. I (and many others! really appreciate your hard work :-) ~ Amanda, Staff Member
3/2011 - I want to comment on one of your bus drivers. He was driving the GVSU Health Sciences bus route on Monday, March 14th. I didn't catch his name, but I know that he was on shift at around 7pm because that is when I rode the bus...he was extremely courteous and friendly and as a regular rider, I was highly impressed and no doubt needed to comment on his fine job. ~ GVSU Student
9/2010 - I can read or nap, while I leave the driving to the experts and not have to give up my parking space. The Campus Connector is a great service!  ~ Debbie, Faculty Member
4/2010 - I love the bus because it helps me reduce my carbon footprint!  ~ Robyn, GVSU Student
4/2010 - I love the bus not only because it gets me where I need to go, but also because I had the most amazing ride the other day with Ron. His enthusiasm and attitude were beyond my expectations. He was interactive and made my day!  ~ Marion, GVSU Student
3/2010 - I love the bus because it is so convenient. I can walk to and from home to the bus stop, which was very helpful this winter when my car broke down twice and I was able to get to work despite that trouble. Both times it was a very blizzardy day but the bus was warm and on time so I didn't miss a workday! Thanks GVSU and The Rapid. ~Mary, Staff Member
12/2009 - I love the bus because it saves me so much money on gas. I work 30 hours a week and I can ride the bus to work and class.    ~ Ariana, Student
9/2009 - I love the bus because it allows me to save money on gas as well as provide a stress-free ride to class. I also appreciate never having to wait more than a few minutes for a bus. Thanks so much! ~Michelle, Staff Member
7/2009 - I just wanted to share how grateful I am that GVSU provides bus service. It allows me to conveniently travel from campus to campus while knowing that I am helping the environment. I hope that the rest of Grand Rapids becomes more public-transportation friendly in years to come. Thanks!    ~ Karena
7/2009 - I would like to commend driver 35172 on the #50 route. I have been riding the 50 better part of the summer. He has been the driver on several occasions. He operates with due care and caution and is without a doubt the smoothest of all the drivers. He accelerates, turns and slows with precision. He is on time for each stop. I have heard from other passengers on the bus similar comments. Please continue to schedule this driver for this route.    ~Brandon, Staff Member
3/2009 - I just wanted to say that the bike racks at the Fire Station Park and Ride are awesome and much appreciated.    ~ Jake, Student
10/2008 - Thank you for the bus info. I am so impressed with how responsive GVSU is to their student's needs.    ~ Sherry

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