The Tim Strickler Premedical Scholarship

The Tim Strickler Premedical Scholarship was established in 2006 by Brian Eichenberg, MD in honor of Tim Strickler,, Professor of Anatomy and GVSU's premedical advisor from 1982-1996. Brian reflects on his undergraduate years at GVSU: " mother worked at the hospital and I liked the sciences. I applied to the pre-physical therapy program. Anatomy lab with Tim Strickler opened my eyes to a lot of avenues. I never knew how fascinating the human body could be. Tim was a very knowledgeable yet down to earth person that I could relate to. I hadn't thought that a small town farm boy could have the opportunity to study medicine and go to medical school. Tim encouraged me to consider it..."  Brian went on to receive his MD from Georgetown University School of Medicine, and completed his residencies in general and plastic surgery at Loma Linda University Medical Center.   He believes that those who are successful have an obligation to help future generations, and it is his hope that this scholarship will help ease the financial burden of selected premedical students, and allow them to devote more time and effort to preparing themselves for a career in human medicine.
Qualifications: Candidates  for this scholarship must meet  the following criteria:
  • Candidates must be entering their Junior or Senior academic level,  having earned a minimum of 55 credit hours.
  • Recipients must be enrolled with full-time status as a degree-seeking student demonstrating and expressing intention of entering an allopathic or osteopathic medical school upon graduation from GVSU.
  • Candidates and recipients must carry a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or greater (4.0 system).
Demonstration of financial need by candidates is required; candidates and recipients must annually file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
Transfer candidates must have completed 15 credits at Grand Valley State University andbe attending the University full time to be eligible to receive this scholarship.
Scholarship Specifications:
Scholarships will be awarded annually provided there are candidates who meet the criteria. Award amounts and numbers will be determined, in part, by funds available and the number of qualified candidates.  If for any reason a recipient’s status changes to less than full-time, his/her award will terminate as of the end of the semester in which part-time enrollment occurs.
Scholarships may be renewed without reapplication and be received for a maximum of four (4) semesters provided the recipient continues to meet the qualifications stated herein. The Financial Aid Office and the Pre-Professional Advisor will monitor the recipients’ progress and scholastic achievement relative to renewal of this scholarship.
Applications can be downloaded here, and submitted to Tim Strickler, Department of Biomedical Sciences, 312 Padnos Hall, or emailed to him at:

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