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Schooley Scholarship

The Ilene I. Schooley Biomedical Science Scholarship
Purpose: This scholarship is intended for Grand Valley State University students majoring in Biomedical Sciences. It is further intended that recipients demonstrate interest in pursuing post-graduate work in health-related research.
Amount: An endowed fund at GVSU has been established in the name of this scholarship. A portion of the endowment will be used for awards offered each academic year. Those awarded will receive up to $750 per year.

  • Recipients must be entering their junior year or must have completed 55 credit hours.
  • Candidates must also be enrolled, with full-time status, as a Biomedical Sciences degree-seeking student having particular interest in basic or applied medical research. Candidates will have demonstrated such interest by previous participation in undergraduate research within the Biomedical Sciences Department or other related laboratories (e.g. summer research internship in a science department at another institution).
  • Candidates and recipients shall be making satisfactory academic progress towards their degree in Biomedical Science
  • Recipients of this scholarship are expected to remain full-time students at GVSU. If a recipient does not maintain full-time status at GVSU, the scholarship will be rescinded in full.

Application: Apply via myScholarships here.
Selection: Review of the applications will be done by the faculty of the Biomedical Sciences Department. Awards will be determined based on the quality of the application, supporting essay, and financial need.
Renewability: A student that receives the award during his/her junior year will also receive the award during his/her senior year assuming that he/she still meets the eligibility requirements.