Department of Biomedical Sciences

The Biomedical Sciences major consists of courses prescribed by professional schools (medical, dental, osteopathic, veterinary, pharmacy, graduate) as essential to the successful completion of a professional school curriculum, plus electives necessary to provide educational breadth and maturity.  In short, the Biomedical Sciences major is designed to help students gain a comprehensive understanding of human life sciences, and is a gateway to many exciting and meaningful career paths.

The four general areas of emphasis in the Biomedical Sciences curriculum are MicrobiologyAnatomyPhysiology, and Nutrition.  Faculty in the Biomedical Science Department are involved in a wide variety of research projects providing many opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to gain valuable hands-on experience. These areas of research include infectious disease epidemiology, prostate cancer biology,Salmonella genetics, immunology, neurology, obesity biochemistry, cardiovascular disease, and stem cell biology to name a few (see individual faculty pages for more details).

The Biomedical Sciences department currently has over 1,300 majors, 25 Masters students, and 28 full-time faculty.  Feel free to peruse this website for more information on our programs, or contact our office:

Department Location:                                      Chair:
312 Padnos Hall                                              Dan Bergman, Ph.D.

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