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Degree requirements

BMS Major Requirements
1. General University Degree Requirements
As identified in the General Academic Policies section of the Grand Valley State University Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog. (A listing of these courses can be found here)
2. Required Biomedical Sciences Courses
BMS 208 Human Anatomy BMS 212 Introductory Microbiology BMS 213 Laboratory in Microbiology BMS 290 Human Physiology BMS 291 Laboratory in Human Physiology BMS 301 Introduction to Research in the Biomedical Sciences BMS 495 Concepts in Wellness (capstone) 3. Required Cognate Courses
BIO 120 General Biology I BIO 355 Human Genetics CHM 115 Principles of Chemistry I CHM 116 Principles of Chemistry II CHM 232 Biological Chemistry or CHM 461 Biochemistry I CHM 241 Organic Chemistry For Life Sciences I CHM 242 Organic Chemistry For Life Sciences II MTH 122 College Algebra MTH 123 Trigonometry PHY 220 General Physics I PHY 221 General Physics II STA 215 Introductory Applied Statistics 4. Upper Division Elective Courses
Six additional hours of upper-division (BMS 300 level and higher) biomedical sciences courses. In addition the following courses outside of BMS may also be included in these six hours: BIO 405 Cell and Molecular Biology BIO 406 Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory BIO 422 Embryology CHM 461 Biochemistry I