Underwater Sightings

Underwater Sightings

Sponges were most common under ledges

 Macro shot of coral polyps

 Green spots identify individual coral polyps on this coral

 The largest of the giant clam species found on Lizard Island. This species can reach several feet in length. Its siphon is visible in the center of the picture.

 A smaller, more colorful species of giant clam. The white mantle is visible as this individual has partially retracted its mantle (the blue tissue).

 The bright colors of this nudibranch serve as warning coloration to predators of the toxins contained in its tissue

 A large sea cucumber placed on a coral head for this picture. Normally you would find sea cucumbers on sandy substrate.

 Feather stars were a common sight on the reefs surrounding Lizard Island. The cerci, or 'legs', are used for attachment and movement over substrate.

 This species of starfish was abundant on the reefs surrounding Lizard Island.

 Blue -spotted rays were sighted on many occasions, usually hiding under tight ledges.

 A large coral trout under a coral head accompanied by several other large fish.

 Two of the more common anemonefish defending their anemone.

 A school of yellow-tailed barracuda on the reef.

 A view from the deep.

 A self portrait of Andy, who took all of the underwater shots shown on the webpages.

 Dave snorkeling.

 A macro shot of Mike's head.

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