Rainforest Pictures

Rainforest Pictures

We stopped to see this large strangler fig on the way to Mungalli. Large epiphytic ferns can be seen on the tree limbs.

 Laurie standing beneath a giant fern for scale.

 Looking up through the fronds of a tree fern.

 Mungalli Falls was just downstream of our accommodations. One evening we returned to this spot to observe phosphorescent glow worms and fungi.

 Laurie and Emily standing beside a tree buttress during a rainforest hike.

 Rainbow skinks are often found along the edges of rainforest in sunny areas. After a quick rain shower we found many skinks along such edges.

Sulphur-crested cockatoos were abundant on this trip. Most were seen near rainforest or in towns.

 A large falls that we hiked to one afternoon. Although it was raining many people took the opportunity to swim over to the falls.

 A closer view of the falls.

 Evan standing within the cathedral tree.

 Ben, Gin, and Christina waiting for the bus to Mungalli in front of our hotel in Cairns.

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