GVSU alumna wins Science prize essay

Date: February 23, 2010

GVSU alumna, Dr. Louisa Stark, wins Science prize essay for her essay entitled, "Making Genetics Easy to Understand." Dr. Stark graduated with a degree in Biology from GVSU in 1979 and is now the director of the Genetic Science Learning Center (GLSQ) at the University of Utah. In 2009, she was also awarded GVSU's Distinguished Alumni Award.

 Dr. Stark's essay focuses on what role genetics play in today's society, something Dr. Stark calls, "genomic literacy," and addresses the need for people to become more aware of the issues surrounding genetics, so that informed decisions can be made. In order to create this genomic literacy, Stark has helped to develop websites like Learn.Genetics, which provide educational material and classroom activities that are easy for everyone to understand. The website is designed for students from the middle school level to the graduate student level, and includes many different types of tools for learning the material.

To view the essay and the Learn.Genetics website, please click on the links below: