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Jodee Hunt

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3325 Kindschi Hall of Science

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Areas of Expertise
Ecology & Behavior of Vertebrates, Interdisciplinary Projects in Nicaragua, Restoration Ecology & Sustainable Agriculture

Professional Societies

Animal Behavior Society
Ecological Society of America, ESA Education Section
Society for Restoration Ecology, Great Lakes Chapter
Michigan Stewardship Network
Land Conservancy of West Michigan

Courses Taught at GVSU

BIO 105 Environmental Science
BIO 215 General Ecology
BIO 319 Global Agricultural Sustainability
BIO 329 Evolution of Social Behavior
BIO 352 Animal Behavior
ENS 401 Environmental Problem Solving
BIO 580 Fish Ecology

Research Interests

I enjoy working with outstanding, motivated undergraduate and graduate students whose scholarly interests coincide with my own.  Since 1990, I’ve collaborated with more than 60 undergraduate and graduate student researchers, addressing a breadth of basic and applied questions in ecology, behavior, conservation and science education (see student presentations, below).  I typically mentor 2-4 graduate students in various stages of completing their master’s degrees, and as a team we work with a number of undergraduate collaborators.  Although I’ve completed research in diverse disciplines, at any given time my students and I maintain only a few lines of scholarly work, currently in the following  three areas:

1.  Sustainability in Nicaragua.           

Nicaragua, the second-poorest nation in Latin America, shelters high biodiversity in diverse (though degraded) ecosystems. Delving into ecology, agriculture, science education, sustainable tourism, and entrepreneurship at the base of the economic pyramid, I collaborate with professors, students and community leaders from west Michigan and Nicaragua on interdisciplinary projects including (a) study of ecotourism in Nicaragua, (b) development of resources for science courses (primarily environmental studies and ecology), (c) workshops for Nicaraguan faculty and students to facilitate the design of research projects to assist farmers and rural communities dealing with environmental degradation and effects of climate change, and (d) study of entrepreneurship at the base of the economic pyramid. The ultimate objective of these projects is to aid local scientists, educators, farmers and community members in achieving sustainability in agriculture, tourism, and community development. Highly motivated, committed, cooperative team players may join in the fun.

2.  Fish behavior.  
I have studied the reproductive ecology and behavior of fishes since 1991, currently focusing on laboratory study of the evolution of parental behavior in Central American cichlids. Our current laboratory experiment utilizes behavioral observations and molecular techniques to examine transmission of microbes from parents to their offspring and the effects of parental care on offspring survival. This study could lead to subsequent experimental work suitable for undergraduate or graduate students. Connections I’ve developed in Nicaragua might make it possible for students to conduct field work with cichlids in their native habitat, or lab work in conjunction with scientists in Nicaragua.  Despite past work with largemouth bass ecology and trout habitat, I am not currently conducting fisheries research on game species in Michigan.

3.  Restoration ecology and sustainable agriculture. 
Two former graduate students completed thesis experiments exploring means of restoring riparian habitat in a highly disturbed, urban lake in western Michigan.  The treatments used are appropriate for use in ecosystems in Nicaragua and elsewhere, and could provide opportunities for students interesting in conducting field research in western Michigan or Nicaragua targeting control of invasive species, restoration of degraded systems, or sustainable, ecologically sound, small-scale agriculture. 



Ph.D. Systematics and Ecology, University of Kansas.
M.S. Biology (emphasis in Ecology), San Diego State University.
B.S. Animal Health Science, University of Arizona.

Recent Publications

Hunt, J.,  P. Lane and J. Farris. In Press.  The lesson of Miss Arlene’s oven: entrepreneurship at the base of the economic pyramid in Nicaragua.  Journal of International Entrepreneurship.

Lane, P., J. Hunt and J. Farris. 2010.  Innovative teaching to engage and challenge twenty-first century entrepreneurship students: an interdisciplinary approach.  Journal of Entrepreneurship Education.

Lane, P., J. Farris and J. Hunt. 2008. Challenging entrepreneurial students with concrete, interdisciplinary problems. 2008 Conference and Proceedings, Allied Academies International Conference, Reno, NV. Addresses an interdisciplinary, problem-solving based technique for teaching undergraduates.

Lane, P. J. Farris, J. Hunt and J. Corr.  2008.  Innovation goes green.  Proceedings of the Operations Management/Entrepreneurship Assoc. Conference, Midwest Business Admin. Assoc. International. 

Hunt, J., N. Bacheler*, E. Videan*, D. Wilson* and C. Annett. 2002. Enhancing largemouth bass spawning: behavioral and habitat considerations.  Pages 277-290 in Black Bass 2000: Conservation, Ecology and Management of Black Basses. American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, MD.  [*GVSU undergraduates]

Hunt, J. and C. Annett.  2002. Effects of habitat manipulation on individual nesting largemouth bass in an Ozark reservoir. North American Journal of Fisheries Management.  22:1201-1208.

Recent Presentations

Hunt, J., and L. Lanuza. 2009.  Development of ecotourism and curriculum development in Miraflor, Nicaragua: outreach and collaboration with faculty of FAREM, Esteli.  Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Albuquerque, NM.

Hunt, J. and S. Bridwell. 2008. Effect of urban riparian restoration on the behavior and abundance of passerine birds.  Animal Behavior Society annual meeting, Snowbird, UT.

Hunt, J., J. Zeman, D. Simon and S. Bridwell. 2008. Restoration of an urban wetland: experiments through a cooperative municipal-university partnership.  Invited presentation, The Science, Practice and Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems, annual conference of The Stewardship Network, East Lansing, MI.

Hunt, J. and I. Gomez. 2007. Restoration of an urban lake ecosystem: water quality, point-source pollution, and non-point source pollution.  Ecological Society of America annual meeting, San Jose, CA.

Hunt, J. 2006.  Do male largemouth bass distinguish between brood predators & benign intruders? A test with models. Ecological and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes, Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo, CA.

Hunt, J.  2006.  Parental investment in largemouth bass: effects of parental size and brood maturity. Ecological and Evolutionary Ethology of Fishes, Aliso Viejo, CA.

Hunt, J.  2005.  Can they write it? Yes, they can!   Teaching scientific writing in a major’s introductory ecology course. Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Hunt, J.  2004. Parental investment in largemouth bass: effects of parental size and brood maturity. Animal Behavior Society annual meeting, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Hunt, J.  2002. Effectiveness of supplemental coarse woody debris: what works, and what doesn’t.  Invited Presentation. Annual Meeting, Michigan Chapter, American Fisheries Society, Muskegon, MI.

Hunt, J., N. Bacheler, E. Videan, D. Wilson and C. Annett. 2000. Enhancing largemouth bass spawning: behavioral & habitat considerations. Invited presentation, Black Bass 2000 Symposium, American Fisheries Society annual meeting, St. Louis, MO.

Recent Presentations by GVSU Students (*undergraduate  **graduate):

Adams, L.,** and J. Hunt.  2010.  The evolution of morality in non-human animals.  Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

Zeman, J.R., J. Hunt and D.A. Simon. 2009. Short-term effects of soil amendments in restoring riparian habitat following gravel mining in an urban inland lake. Ecological Society of America annual meeting, Albuquerque, NM.

Simon, D.**, J. Zeman**, and J. Hunt.  2009.  Effects of perches and rodent-exclusion fences on the restoration of an urban riparian plant community.  The Science, Practice and Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems, 2nd annual conference of the Stewardship Network, East Lansing, Michigan.

Zeman, J.,** D. Simon,** and J. Hunt. 2009.  Effects of manure and sawdust + sucrose amendments on soil nutrients and plant species abundance in urban riparian restoration. The Science, Practice and Art of Restoring Native Ecosystems, 2nd annual conference of the Stewardship Network, East Lansing, Michigan.

Kapolka, C.,* and J. Hunt. 2008.  Effects of experimental manipulations on restoration of urban riparian habitat.  GVSU Student Scholarship Day, Allendale, MI.

Bridwell, S.* and J. Hunt. 2007, 2008. Restoring urban riparian habitat: do manipulations affect the behavior and abundance of avian seed dispersers? Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference, Madison, WI. (2007). Also: West Michigan Regional Undergraduate Science Research Conference, Van Andel Institute., Grand Rapids, MI (2007), and GVSU Student Scholarship Day, Allendale, MI. (2008).

Simon, D.**, J. Zeman**, J. Hunt, G. Greer and N. MacDonald.  2007.  Effects of avian seed dispersers and exclusion of small edaphic mammals on riparian plant community restoration.  Ecological Society of America, San Jose, California.

Zeman, J.**, D. Simon, J. Hunt, G. Greer and N. MacDonald.  2006, 2007.  Effects of manure and sawdust/sucrose amendments on soil quality, plant biodiversity and plant density in urban riparian restoration.  Ecological Society of America, San Jose, California, and the Michigan Space Grant Consortium Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Sievert, M.** and J. Hunt. 2005. Multi-scale comparison of Blue Ribbon and non-Blue-Ribbon Trout Stream segments in northern Michigan. Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference, Grand Rapids.

Gomez, I*+. M. Maxson**++ and J. Hunt. 2004. Point- and non-point source pollution in an urban lake.  Annual Biomed. Research Conference for Minority Students, Dallas, TX.  +Bridges student ++GRCC

Reneski, M*. and J. Hunt. 2004. Effects of environmental variables on parental behavior of largemouth bass.  Student Scholarship Day, GVSU.

Jarois, D*. and J. Hunt. 2003. Effects of male size on parental behavior and nesting environment. Student Scholarship Day, GVSU, Allendale, MI.

Gleffe, J*. and J. Hunt. 2003. Social behavior of captive chimpanzees: dominance and mediation. Student Scholarship Day, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI.

Cadena, N*. and J. Hunt. 2003. Spatial and activity patterns of captive chimpanzees: effects of enclosure and enrichment. Student Scholarship Day, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI.

McIntosh, E*. and J. Hunt. 2001. Duration of exposure to full-spectrum light affects Vitamin D levels in captive reptiles. Curators’ meeting, John Ball Zoo, Grand Rapids, and Student Scholarship Day, GVSU.

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