Lizard Island Pictures

More Pictures From Lizard Island

 From left to right: Evan, Kim, Rebekah, and Jenna. The flight to Lizard Island from Cairns was only 50 minutes. We were afforded great views of the island, the barrier reef, and the Australian coast during the flight.

 Christina getting ready to go snorkeling.

 From left to right: Jenna, Ellie, and Rachel with Sheri in back. Before we hit the reef, a quick check of the gear and wetsuits was in order. Although we were in the tropics the water temperatures were cold enough to warrant 3mm short wetsuits.

 Often the boats had to be pushed out of shallow water before the outboard engines could be started.

 Students were required to snorkel in buddy pairs for safety reasons. In addition, one of the guides stayed on a boat as lookout; it was Dave's turn this time.

 Kim adjusting her snorkel.

 Rebekah showing her snorkeling skills.

 From left to right: Joe, Laurie, and Rachel. Waiting patiently for other boats to arrive at the mangroves before beginning our morning snorkel.

 From left to right: Pam, Kim, Gin, and Sheri. Often the boat ride was quite an adventure on its own.

 Lizard Island has a small stand of mangroves. The island is too far from the mainland to be concerned about dangerous jellyfish. Additionally, it was the wrong season and the patch was too small for jellyfish.

 From left to right: Kristin, Emily, and Jenna. One of the nice benefits of staying at the research station was phone and email access.

We prepared our own meals on Lizard Island in teams of 3-4 people. Andy had prepared menus for us to follow and the food was brought with us to the island.

 Curry night on lizard island.

 Lynnelle and Ty hanging out on the deck.

 Sheri works on her journal while waiting for supper.

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